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Export Finance and Business Credit

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Export Finance and Business Credit
Export Finance and Business Credit
Export Finance and Business Credit
Export Finance and Business Credit
Export Finance and Business Credit
Export Finance and Business Credit

We are happy to introduce CA Consulting Group Finance Solutions

CA Consulting Group and its partners act as Export Finance and Business Credit consulting firm.

CA Consulting Group works with U.S. and International Financial Institutions to provide Innovative Funding Solutions to Private Companies and Government Agencies, including:

* Export Trade Finance
* Project Finance
* Public Sector Financing
* Export Working Capital
* Equity Financing
* Brid
ge Loans

CA Consulting Group engaged in Turnkey Project Packaging, Development and Technical Management Services, including:

* Project Implementation Planning and Development
* Site Engineering and Construction
*Plants, Machinery & Equipment Procurement, Installation, Onsite Training & Start-up
* Plant Operations, Maintenance & Manage

*CA Consulting Group Works with Financial Consulting and Business Credit Companies in assisting our clients obtain Funding Support for execution of their projects.

CA Consulting Group can help in sourcing for project funding for any of the below stated projects:-

• Oil and Gas (Modular Oil Refineries, Gas Gathering & Processing Plants, Downstream Petrochemical Projects, Pipelines, etc.)

• Energy (Gas Turbines and Diesel Powered Plants)

• Communications (Wireless VSAT Network VoIP Telephone, Fax, High Speed Broadband Internet Systems, Cable TV, etc.)

• Solid Mineral (Quarrying & Processing)

• Manufacturing and Assembly (Small and Medium Scale Plants)

• Construction (Pre-Engineered Buildings & Facilities, Stadiums & Arenas, Industrial Parks, etc.)

• Agro-Business (Farming & Food Processing)

• Medical (Pharmaceutical Projects, Supplies & Clinics)

• Tourism (Amusement Parks, Hotels/Resorts, etc.)

• Aviation (Used & New Passenger & Cargo Aircrafts, Helicopters, Airport Development & Expansio
n, Avionics & Spare Parts, etc.)

Companies seeking financing within the scope of available Financial Products should contact us.

Thanking you for your time

Yours in Business,

Tel: + 225 06245555 / +225 41150954

Email: ca.consulting.ww@gmail.com

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