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Funding Program Ref AWJ/MK/BK12/2015

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Funding Program Ref AWJ/MK/BK12/2015
Funding Program Ref AWJ/MK/BK12/2015
Funding Program Ref AWJ/MK/BK12/2015

Ref de ce système de Financement: AWJ/MK/BK2015

International Financing

We would like to brief about the financing.

A- Private projects.

1-Client should have the land, project design, feasibility study, government license approval, and other related documents.

2- Clients should have min. 15% To 20% of total project cost. This amount should be blocked in client bank account in his country, and to be used for the project as per consultant approval on monthly bases.

3- Will finance the remaining percentage. The percentage will be deposited in German or any European Bank and to be spent on project as per consultant approval.

4- Client should purchase German Equipment and supplies for about 51% of total financed amount.

5- Consultant will be appointed from German side as per Gov. regulation,

5- finance Interesting loan will be less than 3%.

6- We might accept blocking of 25% of BG in the bank instead of Cash blocking.

B- Government projects.

1- Will accept same as if it is private one.

2- Will accept S.G sovereign Guarantee of 100% finance.

in charge of projects financing, ready to start negotiate financing of any serious Projects in the Region.

In order to decide whether a project can receive financing the following documents must be presented in the initial stage:

1- A Full Description of the project.

2- LOI (letter of Intent) of Client Letterhead.

3- A Copy of Passport of the authorized signatory in charge of project finances.

4- Balance sheet over the last 2 years.

5- Prove of Equity capital of 20% - %15 - of the project cost, to be utilized for the project.

6- Company profile.

Contact us: CA Consulting Group, E-mail: ca.consulting.ww@gmail.com

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